Set apart 

Once we’ve begun to live holy lives set apart for God, we then need to learn to remain in Him, to seek Him every day, and let Him lead our lives.
When we remain in Him, we begin to grow fruit in our lives. Wait … what? Grow fruit!?
Well, yeah!
The verses you just read talk about growing fruit. But not like apples and oranges, that would just be weird, come on!
Galatians 5:22-23 talks about the kind of fruit we’ll produce when we remain in Christ. When we seek Him and spend time with Him every day, we will be more loving, have more joy in our lives, experience more peace in our days, have a little more patience for others, be able to be more kind to people, do more good, and have greater faith.
Who wouldn’t want to live that way and be that kind of person?
That’s what happens when we remain in Christ throughout our days and live holy lives set apart for God.


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