Forbidden fruits🍌🍏🍑


  •   literally not the fruit I’ll eat even if I find myself if Somalia. But this particular Banana😍. He’s the sweetest, most adorable Banana I have ever come across. Banana makes me feel special, makes me feel needed. He will spend his life savings on me if that will make me feel special.
    Banana looks at me in my worst days and calls me beautiful
    Banana listens to me.
    Banana will call a million times just to hear how my Day went;
    He gets so down when we have a little misunderstanding.
    He feels responsible for my happiness.
    I knew this banana was deep
    I always did.
    But that day when his eyes became a waterfall,
    When he confessed how he really felt and removed his peels.
    It Hit me🔨
    I have always wanted a fruit like this.
    Why is so difficult to accept how I have to feel about this fruit😔.
    He’s the perfect fruit for me
    But do I want perfect?

Apple 🍏🍎🍏🍎
I’ll Hungrily munch on this fruit even if I’ve had a feast in King Solomon’s Palace. Ha!
For real tho , I love apples.

But a certain Apple broke my shell 😫
I get nervous when I see Apple
I think about Apple like I have nothing to do.
I want to see him everyday and everywhere
Sometimes I think I stalk him lol
I’m not sprung….. Nah
It’s just this thing about Apple that thrills me.
I want Apple to call me his own
I need him to turn and say that’s my best half.
I don’t know if I have wanted any fruit this much😑

Suddenly reality slaps me in the face😧.
Every girl likes apples Duhhh 🙎🏾💁🏽 what makes yours so unique? Even Snow White did 😏
Get a grip on yourself Strawberry.
Sam Smith said it better ^I know I’m not the only one^
It hurts me😔
But truth hurts

The reality is He doesn’t like you that much
I’m crawling alone through shadows.
For real Strawberry, Why am I holding on to something that may never be mine?
But isn’t that what people do?

lol I just heard my mind Yell ……………. FOOL.

Mango 🍑
I used to love this fruit
Shoot he was my first love
I guess
But the lights went dim
With Mango, I always thought we
Had a future together
We practically saw the best in each other.
Number one fighter 😂
Mango is a fight lover
A blend of annoyance and foolery

I was naïve
He was a two timer
Karma paid him back
I drew the curtain
Never let an old flame burn you twice they said BUT
This flame lighted up my past
And past cannot be changed
Forgotten, edited or erased.

But why 😩 why does it always rain the hardest on the ones who deserve the sun ?



It’s about You

It’s funny how this feeling grew…
I didn’t want it to 😫
But it’s happening for real
 I’m falling once again
 But this time it’s for you…

I know this feeling
 I’ve felt it before
 I could be losing it
 But I’ll let the rain pour 
Because a day without you
Is like hitting the floor…
All over again
I’ll fight this war…

Standing here with you feels so right, Your hugs, My roommates creeping in on us lol😌, every damn thing!
 But some thing’s wrong…
This rhyme is a little off
 But I’ll sing this song…
It’s beautiful 
Because it’s melody is so lovely but somehow it doesn’t belong…
You realized it too BUT
 It doesn’t have to be perfect
 So why don’t you sing along?

I’m being honest 
I can’t believe you broke my shell
 Everybody see’s it
 So I’m like “What the hell?”…
Being around you makes me stupid
Can’t you tell?
 You funny jerk lol

Am I going to have to spell
 it out so you could see? 
I told you the truth
So now I’ll go
 Unless you stop me
I’ll leave you alone…
Say you feel the same
 Cause I don’t want another clone…
I like you for you
And I know I don’t need a wishbone…

It’s not perfect but it’s good enough
 Liking someone is not a crime…
So don’t be intimidated
Considering you have plenty of time…
Tell me today… tell me tomorrow 
Either way is fine…
I don’t mind waiting
 Shoot I’ll give you extra time…

Another moment is passing by
 So I’ll give you this 
And hopefully I won’t kiss
 It goodbye…
Knowing me I’ll probably dismiss the event because in all reality,
I’m just too much of an awkward person
 To give you this poem……it will be double awkward😔
I’m too intimidated but I can’t miss another chance to tell you the truth;
I can’t waste another minute……☹️…………


Mixed Emotions

  1. My mind tells me that you
    Could be a heartbreaker
    My heart tells me that you
    Could be my life’s anchor
    My gut tells me that you
    Could be the man of my dreams…….. I don’t know what to believe.😩😩
    These feelings are nothing new
    I have  told this to you before
    I like you, I really do🌼

Midnight Times 

In the midnight times of my life
When everything seems so wrong
Just help me to remember
That Your name will bring a song.

For when I whisper “Jesus”
My darkness turns to day,
I see You here beside me
I can hear the words You say.

You tell me that You love me
That Your son died to set me free,
That I’d never be alone
Because You are here with me.

Lord, help me to remember
My answer is in Your hands
When all else fails, You’ll be here
And Your strength will help me stand.



Most everyone seems to agree that life is getting busier, crazier, and more frantic with each passing day. We’re bombarded by more information than we know how to process—news, ads, commercials, blogs, tweets, music, pics, and more ads. Crazier still is that we have more devices, programs, and apps than ever before to make life easier.
And unquestionably these new innovations help make our lives better. We can text with close friends halfway around the world and let them know we’re praying for them. We can share pictures of our daughter’s birthday party with relatives thousands of miles away. We can check our 401k, order a pizza, or book a hotel at the beach. And yet with all the upsides, these conveniences we “can’t live without” create many unintended problems.
We love technology and all it offers. But we also hate it. We hate our dependence on it and how it causes us to get out of balance with what matters most to us.
Although many factors contribute to why we hate it, I’m convinced it’s mostly because social media makes everything all about us. We’re sucked into measuring our lives by who follows us and how many online friends we have. We want to believe we’re more than the total number of clicks on our last post, but we still check to see how many we have.
Oddly enough, however, the more we focus on ourselves, the less satisfied we feel. And the more we’re consumed with the things of this earth, the more we feel empty on the inside.
The reason is simple. We were created for more—way more. We were not created for earth—but for eternity. We were not created to be liked but to show love. We were not created to draw attention to ourselves but to give glory to God. We were not created to collect followers but to follow Christ.
Social media and technology are great. But it’s time to be honest about our #Struggles. And to regain control of the amazing tools that technology provides us.
It’s time to put technology back in its place.
It’s time to love God with our whole hearts.


The Destructive Power of Sin

My Heartbeat

Sin seeks to destroy human life, the most precious creation of God. -CEFC Devotional February 2015

Sin is not something that we should take lightly. The smallest sin can create a ripple that could result to the destruction of your life or the life of the people around you.

In Abel and Cain’s story, we know that it ends in the worst possible way, death. Imagine, to kill your own brother. For what? For doing a good job? For obeying what God has commanded of them? Cain’s murder might be a big sin but it didn’t start there. He didn’t wake up one day and decided to kill Abel, no. He started by being complacent, which caused him to feel insecure and envious of his brother, which resulted in his anger and ill-feelings, which caused him to kill his brother.

Do you see that? Our sins, if not stopped or…

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